Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Remote Control Face

Here's an interesting development in technology. It's still really rudimentary, but it seems that it will have profound consequences once they start refining it. This guy created a computer program that recognizes facial expressions and will send computer commands based on what it sees. This has to do with the possibility of robot teachers (not sure how I feel about that!), but I could see this being applied into cars, computers, etc. For instance, if a sound is too loud, perhaps a future version of the software could recognize the facial expression that says it's too loud and adjust it accordingly - the same with brightness. It will also allow better communication once the voice recognition software is more developed.

There is a video of him demonstrating and talking about the software here.

The other thing this reminds me of is the new surface computer that Microsoft is working on. They say the keyboard may be completely obsolete in the next 15 years!

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Andrew Elizalde said...

The popular video game Guitar Hero was a secondary project to a group of tech-geeks at MIT who were working on software that would translate various movements and images into music. Among the applications of the technology that they developed was software enabling a camera to interpret facial expressions in order to perform a live piece of music composed of a variety of instruments. Watch the following video to learn more: Eagle Song.

Be sure to watch the entire video (or at least the last three minutes of it). I suspect that you will be very moved by what you see.