Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prime Minister Heathcliff!

Wow. This should interest my former students. The current prime minister of Britain is comparing himself to Heathcliff! It's now being used in Parliament as a mark of derision against him. One minister said, "It's time for Heathcliff to come down from dithering heights."

Check out the video on the website. It's why British people are such better public speakers than Americans - their parliament requires it! The video shows a relatively calm day. Here's a more typical day, where you can actually see Heathcliff in action.

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Andrew Elizalde said...

It took me a moment to register Heathcliff as a character from Wuthering Heights rather than that lasagna-loving cat from Garfield. I have heard enough interesting commentary on Bronte's novel (including this reference to the prime minister) to compel me to consider re-reading the book. It didn't quite grab me like it should have when I read it (haphazardly after much procrastination) the first time in high school.

Concerning the British Parliament... I love it! There are a number of politicians who would be eaten alive (and rightfully so) in this environment. Consider this infamous speech for example:

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